GotaGig, Gotta Go

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On “Got a Gig, Gotta Go” Sheffield changes up a bit. While still exhibiting his fine songwriting talent and musicianship, the songs are a bit more “Americana” than Blues. I'm flexible enough in my listening tastes to be able to hang, but some might have difficulty with the roots leanings of many of the twelve tunes on this disc. “Three Man Band” co-written with Dave Saunders kick starts the CD, followed by “Kalamazoo” co-written with Edna Rasmussen, “The Great Society”, The Legend of John Montgomery”, “These Four Walls”, “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” by Richard Thompson, “Spider”, “After the Rapture”, “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Anna Lee”, “A Greater God” and the title song “Got a Gig, Gotta Go”.

As on his previous recording Bill brings together a diverse group of talent to back him. Dave Saunders is once again featured on bass, Jon Liebman on harmonica, Joyce Carey on violin, super musician Rex Schnelle - drums, banjo, tambourine, baritone electric guitar, mandolin, bass, harmonica, B-3 organ, shaker, water jug, djembe…whew! Nathan Nelson handles backup vocals. All in all, this is definitely a praise worthy follow-up to “Journal on a Shelf “. No matter the musical road he may choose to mosey down, Bill Sheffield is a truly unique talent and original voice in a wasteland of wannabes and sound-kinda-likes.
Bill “Big Dog” van Elburg

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