Real Time

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Sheffield & Webb combines the edge of the seasoned blues man Bill Sheffield with the smooth, sensuous vibe of soulstress Liane Webb. Sheffield's voice and solid guitar work have been heard in clubs and concerts since the early 1970's. Bill's first group of any consequence was the Solid Senders, a band which included harp player Thom Doucette, whose playing graced two Allman Brothers Band albums. When the late, great guitarist Roy Buchanan was putting together a group to record his "In The Beginning" LP, Doucette suggested Sheffield as vocalist for the sessions. Bill joined an impressive group of musicians, which included keyboardist Neil Larsen and drummer Bill Stewart, for the album and a subsequent national tour. After leaving Buchanan's band, Sheffield helped form Cool Breeze with Van Miller until the two left to put together in a great R&B group called The XL's. After the XL's, Sheffield worked as a solo artist and front man for several years until he met Liane Webb.

Real Time is the premier CD release of this prolific songwriting team. The twelve selections reflect a polychromatic amalgam of contemporary Americana The opening tune, "New Nuclear Age" comments on war, environmental issues and the pro-life/abortion argument. It is presented in an Adult Contemporary Rock format while the mesmerizing, image-laden tune, "13 Hours On The Highway," finds stronger roots in the idiom of Modern Country music to describe the hard life of a union trucker.

The funky, self-explanatory "Never Gonna Give It Up" employs the urban medium of R&B to get its soulful message across. In contrast, the tongue-in-cheek "Holy Mother" uses the happy, free-spirited sound of Bluegrass to express frustrations of a sexually deprived husband with his ultra-sanctimonious wife.

"Over and Over Again" is performed as a ballad in order to touch anyone who has experienced strong emotional bonding with another individual, regardless of any type of lifestyle. " Promises (Lost in a Lie)" utilizes the Techno/Dance staple of synthesizers to embellish the feeling and message of this angst driven song.

In the sardonic "Find You Another Fool," the many conflicts that arise from the female's instinct to "nest" and the male's instinct to "hunt" (i.e. hangout) with other males, are humorously portrayed in lyrical point by Webb and counterpoint by Sheffield.

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