Journal On A Shelf

Journal On A Shelf
B. Sheffield - Copyright 2007 - (from the album) Journal on a Shelf

*In a journal lying on a shelf
Never read by anybody else
Things I only say to myself

Friends, present, past, and gone
Feelings I should have let known
But kept them locked inside my head
Things that I wish I had said

To the lady of my home
The most giving and forgiving I have known
The one I had hoped for all along
I’ll write it down for you in a poem

* Chorus

Of the soldiers on some foreign shore
Where next we choose to wage our war
And the children who suffer in that land
For reasons they can never understand

And to both children of my own
Wondering why was I never there at home
I was chasing after demons of my own
But Ill make it up to you before I go


The Son and the Holy Ghost
And this world’s “heavenly” host
If God in heaven hears my prayer
Then let me find my own way there

Words all faded on the page
Thoughts of love and of rage
In a journal lying on a shelf
Things I only say to myself.


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