The Ballad Of Brer Rabbit

The Ballad Of Brer Rabbit
B. Sheffield - Copyright 2007 - (from the album) Journal on the Shelf

Ol’, Brer Rabbit
Never could kick the habit
He’s got a monkey on his back
Something’ that he sure do like

And ol’ Brer Bear
Hated that skinny hare
He got the fellows all down at the station
And they set up a sting operation

Now, Brer Fox got the word
He heard it from a little bird
He said, “now, y’all know this ain’t funny,
That bunny rabbit owes me money!”
Im gonna buddy up with ol’ Brer Bear
Just to make sure I get my share
Now Brer Rabbit, tried to fight
but the Tar Baby held on tight
And it looked like he met his match
At the edge of a briar patch

The sweet little codependent
Was a witness for the defendant
She said, “Have mercy won’t you please?”
“That rabbit’s got a social disease!”
But the fat judge banged his hammer
He said, “I’m sendin’ him off to the slammer (Oh no!)

Ol Brer Rabbit,
He’s never gonna kick the habit
He paid the judge off with fives and tens
And now he’s back in the briar patch again
*He was born and bred in the briar patch
*Born and bred in the briar patch.


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