Thumpin' On The Book

Thumpin' On The Book
B. Sheffield - Copyright 2009 - (from the album) In Other Words...

Your on the holy road, off to Canaan land.
You want to lighten my load, without liftin' your hand.
Well, wouldn't it be grand if that's all it took?
         You're just thumpin' on the book.
                      Just thumpin' on the book.

You're quotin' me verses, and droppin' me names.
And you're sendin' me curses, because were not the same.
Well, I can live without your dirty looks,
          You're just thumpin' on the book.
                              Thumpin' on the book.

You've got your religion, you drink wine from his cup.
Jesus said to go fishin', but you never show up.
Well, you had better sharpen up all your hooks,
           You're just thumpin' on the book.

Because it's seven come eleven, were all sinners sometimes.
And your chance to get to heaven ain't no greater than mine.
If you don't make it, then you're just out of luck.
           You're just thumpin'  on the book.

You're thinkin' I'm low class, well brother that's just fine.
But you better watch your own ass, instead of tryin' to save mine.
And take yourself a whole lot closer look,
           You're just thumpin' on the book.
                       Just thumpin' in the book.



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